Windows 12 predictions

Is there going to be Windows 12?

Microsoft has not confirmed a release date for Windows 12 (or even acknowledged the next-generation operating system). It is not official, but there are many hints that Microsoft will release Windows 12 in 2023 or 2024. Here is some leaks and predictions material I have found on Windows 12.

Tomshardware reported back in July 2022 that Microsoft was purportedly moving its Windows desktop operating system to a three-year development cycle. Windows 10 was released to the public during the summer of 2015, while its successor, Windows 11, bowed six years later. Given Microsoft’s alleged tightened timeline, Windows 12 should arrive in 2024.

It is being expected that Windows 12 Beta Version will be out in March 2023 and full Windows 12 Version for all the configurations will be out by the mid of next year.

Intel leaker @leaf_hobby tweeted over the weekend that Windows 12 is listed as a supported operating system for Intel’s upcoming 14th-generation Meteor Lake-S desktop processors. @leaf_hobby subsequently deleted the tweet But, of course, Microsoft and Intel refuses to comment on leaks such as this one. By the time Windows 12 launches, Intel’s 15th generation Arrow Lake processors will be gearing up for production for release in late 2024 or, more likely, early 2025.

Microsoft is currently taking baby steps with AI with Windows 11, even though the company is hyping it as the “next big thing.” It is expected that AI is more in Windows 12. Windows 12, aka Next Valley, is expected to leverage the dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) engine introduced with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 family. Intel is also on track to implement similar hardware in its future Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake processors.


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Testaa uutta Windowsia – saat Microsoftilta fyysisen lahjan
    Microsoft haluaa houkutella käyttäjiä testaamaan uutta Windowsia.

    Vaikka Windows 11 on Microsoftin tämänhetkinen keskittymispiste, huhuilee horisontissa jo Windowsin seuraava iteraatio, joka saattaa olla nimeltään Windows 12.

    Microsoft on perustanut varhaisille uuden Windowsin testiversioille oman Canary-nimisen ohjelmistolähteen, johon yhtiö lisäilee levykuvatiedostoja testitarkoituksiin.

    Windows Latest -sivusto on muiden mukana saanut Microsoftilta sähköpostia, jossa yhtiö pyytää käyttäjiä mukaan testaushommiin. Toivetta ryyditetään lupauksella ilmaisesta, vähintään kahdeksan gigatavun usb-muistitikusta, jonka yhtiö lupaa toimittaa kahdeksan viikon sisällä tilauksesta. Tyhjä tikku on tarkoitettu Windows 12:n asennusalustaksi.

    Usb-muistitikkuja on tarjolla vain rajoitettu määrä

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Microsoft wants to move Windows fully to the cloud / A new Microsoft internal presentation reveals the company’s long-term goal for Windows.

    Microsoft has been increasingly moving Windows to the cloud on the commercial side with Windows 365, but the software giant also wants to do the same for consumers. In an internal “state of the business” Microsoft presentation from June 2022, Microsoft discuses building on “Windows 365 to enable a full Windows operating system streamed from the cloud to any device.”

    Windows 365 is a service that streams a full version of Windows to devices. So far, it’s been limited to just commercial customers, but Microsoft has been deeply integrating it into Windows 11 already. A future update will include Windows 365 Boot, which will enable Windows 11 devices to log directly in to a Cloud PC instance at boot instead of the local version of Windows. Windows 365 Switch is also built into Windows 11 to integrate Cloud PCs into the Task View (virtual desktops) feature.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Intel tease suggests ‘Windows 12′ really is coming in 2024

    Intel tease suggests ‘Windows 12′ really is coming in 2024
    By Zac Bowden published 1 day ago
    The next version of Windows is now being teased by one of Microsoft’s biggest partners.

    What you need to know
    Intel’s CFO has teased that a significant “Windows refresh” is coming next year.
    This aligns with our earlier report that said the next version of Windows is planned for 2024.
    The next release is expected to focus on deeply integrating new AI and cloud experiences throughout the OS.
    Intel’s CFO, David Zinser, has made references to a mysterious “Windows refresh” that he says is expected to ship next year, seemingly confirming my earlier report that Microsoft was targeting a 2024 release window for the next version of Windows, after a major internal shakeup to its Windows development schedule.

    Spotted by PCGamer, here’s what Zinser had to say in a conversation with Citi:

    “We actually think ’24 is going to be a pretty good year for client, in particular, because of the Windows refresh. And we still think that the installed base is pretty old and does require a refresh and we think next year may be the start of that, given the Windows catalyst. So we’re optimistic about how things will play out beginning in ’24.”

    Intel’s betting on a big ‘Windows refresh’ in 2024 to boost revenue client CPU revenue, seemingly confirming Windows 12 release date rumours
    By Nick Evanson published 2 days ago
    Chipzilla is playing all coy with its words but it surely means Windows 12.

    “We actually think ’24 is going to be a pretty good year for client, in particular, because of the Windows refresh. And we still think that the installed base is pretty old and does require a refresh and we think next year may be the start of that, given the Windows catalyst. So we’re optimistic about how things will play out beginning in ’24.”

    I know what you’re thinking: Windows 12 isn’t explicitly stated, but at no point is any normal update to Microsoft’s operating system ever referred to as a refresh. Or something that will be enough of a catalyst for Intel’s sales folk to perk up.

    It’s possible Microsoft is planning a significant change to the interface, or something like that, but there have been enough rumours floating around for that not to be the case.

    Don’t forget that Intel’s next CPU architecture for mainstream computing, Meteor Lake, is a radical change for how everything all works inside and just as Alder and Raptor Lake work best with Windows 11, the same may well be true of the new design and Windows 12.

    There have been lots of hints about Microsoft seriously overhauling the OS for quite some time and some of the expected changes do seem to tie in with what Intel is doing with its client CPUs, such as a far greater integration of AI systems and the removal of legacy features and support, that just get in the way of general performance.

  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Microsoft plans major platform upgrades for ‘Windows 12′ that will modernize the OS with AI, faster updates, and better security
    By Zac Bowden published March 28, 2023
    Windows “CorePC” is the spiritual successor to Windows “Core OS.”

    What you need to know
    Microsoft is once again hard at work on building out a “modern” version of Windows.
    The project is called CorePC, and follows the same goals as Windows 10X but with native support for legacy apps on devices that require it.
    CorePC will pave the way to new configurations of Windows that scale up and down depending on PC hardware.

  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    They’re talking Windows 12 in June 2024. (A call to dedicated AI hardware)

    Microsoft may release Windows ’12′ in June 2024, dedicated AI hardware might be recommended

  6. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Microsoft confirms name of the next major version of Windows, and it’s not Windows 12

    By Zac Bowden published February 08, 2024
    Windows 11 version 24H2 will be the name of the next major Windows OS update.


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