Iwatsu SS-5050 Oscilloscope

My first 20 MHz oscilloscope still works but age shows. Bought this sometimes in 1990′s used, made maybe sometimes early 1980′s.
I don’t have original manuals and I have not found much info on this on Internet.


My first real oscilloscope: Iwatsu SS-5050. Served well for many years until a digital oscilloscope took it’s place on the lab setup. I bought this used sometimes in early 1990′s, said to be from 1980′s but I am not sure. Still worked when I last tested it few years ago.
I don’t have original manuals or circuit diagrams. Googling did not reveal much info on this.


Iwatsu Electric, Co., Ltd. is a Japanese electronics manufacturer founded 1938, whose primary focus is business communication systems, test and measurement equipment, reprographic systems. Iwatsu Electric is a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFJ) keiretsu.

Iwatsu SS-5050 is an OK very basic oscilloscope considering it’s age.

The disadvantage of these Japanese scopes is that you almost never get any spare parts or even schematics or detailed manuals. This also applies to my Iwatsu SS-5050. Google search does not reveal much, most findings are just Japanese for sale advertisement. Even Elektro Tanya that has info on some other Iwatsu oscilloscopes.







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