Circuit inside LED tube

Chipshow’s LED tube page gives some views what LED tubes look like. As you can see there are many LEDs inside a LED tube. The most economical way to run sich LEDs from mains power is to connect many LEDs in series and then use some current limiting circuit to set the drive current right

LED tubes

The idea if replacing fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs seems to become popular. There are different kind of products made for that purpose. LED bulbs utilizes large arrays of high power LEDs to provide up to provide light. They are at best an economical way to replace commonly used fluorescent tubes. Since introducing LED based

How LED bulb are made

So, if you have wondered why LED light bulbs are so expensive today, How LED Light Bulbs Are Made article gives explanation of how they are manufactured and how that compares to the manufacture of traditional light bulbs should help. However, it also reveals why the cost will fall pretty dramatically over the next few

LED party room

Can you have too many LEDs on one lighting system? Hard to say. For reference take a look at this video of Smack Nightclub’s amazing LED lightshow. This looks pretty awesome even on the video. This is definately not for those people with motion sickness or can feel sick near flashing lights. I am just

LED car lights

LED car headlights are a promising technology. They have many advantages over filament bulbs (longer life, faster on/off times, lower power consumption) but the technology has still limitations. LEDs can be used as car headlight when the lighting system is specifically designed for LEDs. There are even some DIY projects for this. The current LED

LED vs Fluorescent Tubes

Are LED Fluorescent Tubes Ready for Prime Time? I got a mail on interesting survey is on LED vs Fluorescent Tubes at http://www.softwareadvice.com/articles/construction/are-led-fluorescent-tubes-ready-for-prime-time-1041920/. The survey concentrates specifically, if LED tubes are ready for widespread commercial use, and if they will replace fluorescent tubes. The writer of that blog is reaching out to a few bloggers

Inside LED bulb

TESS, a Taiwanese manufacturing company, recently introduced a 7W LED bulb that, at 560 lumens, can serve as a replacement for a typical 500-lumen, 40W incandescent bulb. Tear-down: inside a 7W LED light bulb article shows you what is inside that lamp. This LED lamp bulb holds seven 1W LED packages (a package of multiple

Broadband using LED lamps

Broadband through LEDs tips up article tells that German Scientists believe the light coming in to your home could by encoded to receive a wireless broadband signal. The scientists think they can transport data at high bandwidths (currently 230Mbps) by generating a signal in a room by slightly flickering all the lights in unison. The

LED lamp challenges

Nowadays there is ENERGY STAR rating for solid state lamps in USA. Solid-state lighting (SSL) products that meet efficiency and performance criteria set by the U.S. Department of Energy can earn the ENERGY STAR. For more details refer to the ENERGY STAR Requirements for SSL Luminaires. In December 2009, DOE published ENERGY STAR criteria for