Play old MS-DOS video games!

You can now play nearly 2,400 MS-DOS video games in your browser. has added a new library of DOS games: Nearly 2,400 MS-DOS games are now available to play — for free — in almost any browser on the Internet Archive. The games are playable on the browser through EM-DOSBOX, a port of the DOS emulator.

Welcome to Software Library: MS-DOS Games for MS-DOS machines that represent entertainment and games. The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software. Meaning: A lot of people of a certain generation (hi!) are once again able to play the games they played over and over and over again as kids. The games are provided without instructions, so some experimentation (or search for old manuals) might be necessary.

The Internet Archive is arguably best-known for its Wayback Machine, the neat and useful repository of home pages past.



  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Turns Out You Can Embed Playable MS-DOS Games in Tweets

    I don’t know when this became possible, but if you paste the URL to one of the many MS-DOS games that the Internet Archive has preserved on its servers into a tweet, and view said tweet on the web, the embedded game is playable within said tweet

  2. Collin Stoun says:

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