King Coal is dethroned in the US – and that’s good news for the environment | IFLScience

This has been bad decade for coal industry, because cleaner power sources have become more popular.

Less coal use is good for environment.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Coal Market Set To Collapse Worldwide By 2040 As Solar, Wind Dominate

    Solar power, once so costly it only made economic sense in spaceships, is becoming cheap enough that it will push coal and even natural-gas plants out of business faster than previously forecast. That’s the conclusion of a Bloomberg New Energy Finance outlook for how fuel and electricity markets will evolve by 2040. The research group estimated solar already rivals the cost of new coal power plants in Germany and the U.S. and by 2021 will do so in quick-growing markets such as China and India. The scenario suggests green energy is taking root more quickly than most experts anticipate. It would mean that global carbon dioxide pollution from fossil fuels may decline after 2026, a contrast with the International Energy Agency’s central forecast, which sees emissions rising steadily for decades to come.

    Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s outlook shows renewables will be cheaper almost everywhere in just a few years.


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