Big LED video display technology

 The largest LED video display in all of sports article tells thatMercedes-Benz Stadium, the future home of the Atlanta Falcons and MLS expansion team Atlanta United FC, will feature the largest LED video display in sports. The 360-degree halo display will be part of the retractable roof.Engineered by Daktronics, the halo video board is 58 feet high and 1075 feet in circumference and will use 15HD pixel layouts. Three other displays in the stadium will feature ultra-high definition LED technology with pixels spaced 2.5 millimeters apart.Over 57 million LEDs will be installed throughout Mercedes-Benz Stadium. To get idea of the installation, check out  Fly-Through: Mercedes-Benz Stadium video.

If you are wondering how this kind of huge displays are built, you have came to the right place here. I have eariler written a posting on video wall technologies I have seen in one fair few years ago. Hare are some LED video wall related videos:

ADJ AV6 LED Video Wall Panel Assembly | Full Compass




If you are looking even more technical details, check out those videos:

Outdoor LED Screen teardown (+how to drive LEDs with video)

Driving LED matrix displays with an FPGA

Homemade Led display

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    LED Display Board using P10 LED Matrix Display and Arduino

    In this tutorial we are going to use a 32×16 LED dot Matrix display module which is also known as P10 LED Display Module to display a scrolling text by using Arduino UNO. P10 modules can be cascaded to build any size of the advertising board.


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