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This looks like an interesting project to connect any Arduino interface to Unity3D. 

In transmitting data from Arduino to Unity3D, usually the main issue is INSANE LATENCY.

With wmrhl you should be able to connect any Arduino interface to Unity3D, and it’s completely open source at

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    HandHolo: A Homebrew ARG

    Taking a dive into VR or augmented reality — once, dreamed-of science fiction — is not only possible for the average consumer, but crafting those experiences is as well! user [kvtoet]’s HandHolo is a homebrew method to cut your teeth on peeking into a virtual world.

    This project requires a smartphone running Android Oreo as its backbone, a Bluetooth mouse, a piece of cardboard and a small mirror or highly reflective surface.

    Within Unity, [kvtoet]’s used a few scripts that access phone functions — namely the gyroscope, which is synchronised to the mouse’s movements. That movement is translated into exploration of the virtual space built in Unity and projected onto the portal-like mirror.


    The HandHolo project uses a bluetooth mouse that connects with an Android smartphone with Android O to generate holograms


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