Microphone videos

Here is a collection of interesting videos on microphones and microphone technologies:

Audio 101: Microphones

Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones, What’s the Difference?

Audio recording tutorial: The different microphone types | lynda.com

XLR vs USB Microphones, Which Should You Buy?

$22 MICROPHONE VS $3600 MICROPHONE | Andrew Huang

Voice-over Microphone || DIY or Buy

How a Neumann U87 microphone is manufactured

How to Make Your Own DIY U87 Vintage Condenser Mic

Soyuz Video #3 Capsules

The Soyuz SU-019 FET Microphone

MKH-416 counterfeit mic teardown


Disassembly – Taking apart the BM-100FX Microphone.

BEST Budget USB Microphone!? | FIFINE Honest Review

Why the Blue Yeti Sucks

Why the Blue Yeti Su cks | Pro Audio Engineer Responds

Do XLR to USB Cables Work?

Samson USB GO Mic Teardown

BM-800 Microphone Review / Teardown

Teardown of the Blue Yeti Microphone

Samson c01u usb microphone test + look inside

A quick teardown on the Samson Go Mic USB studio microphone for laptops and tablets

Samson C01U USB Mic Teardown (part of the article)

Random Teardown #001: Blue Snowball Ice Microphone


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The Best USB Microphones for 2023
    Don’t rely on the wimpy microphone built into your phone or laptop. Here’s how to find the top USB mic for gaming, podcasting, or recording music along with our top picks.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Checking out a USB microphone

    I’ve been covering microphones and their accessories a fair bit lately, so I thought it’d be fun to take one apart and see what’s inside. Not just any old mic with an XLR, TRS or other analog output, mind you; I also wanted my dissection to circuitry-comprehend the ADC (analog to digital) stage, too. Though, at the mainstream (translation: low price) point I was focusing on, I fully expected that not all of the electronics bits:

    Phantom power
    would end up wrapped up in a single chip.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Mini Shotgun Mic
    Building a Shotgun Microphone from scratch. From Modifing an electret capsule to building an interference tube.


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