Linear power supply rectifier designer

LINEAR POWER SUPPLY DESIGN ASSISTANT #1 at is a tool for designing and simulating linear power supply rectification and smoothing capacitors

See the circuit diagram. Enter the design data and can see the output voltage ripple and current on circuit.


You can try with different capacitor values, different loads and different transformers. This is a very good and easy to use tool.


It is very seductive to increase the capacity in order to have a low ripple, but doing so will increase the inrush current.

Besides power supplies that use transformer, you can also use the software to simulate basics of mains power rectifier circuits (use transformer model to model the incoming mains power).
Many swich mode power suplies that accept 230V AC use internally 400V rated bridge rectifier with 400V DC rated bridge rectified to get around 300V DC. Remember that this generated DC is potentially lethal high voltage and in connection to mains voltage.


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:


    A linear power supply is a power supply unit (PSU) that does not contain any switching or digital components. It has some outstanding characteristics compared to switching PSUs such as very low noise and ripple, immunity from mains-borne noise, simplicity, robustness, ease of design, and repair. They can also generate very high voltages (thousands of volts) and very low voltages (less than 1V).


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