Python 30 years old

Python pioneer assesses the 30-year-old programming language

The Python programming language, which has never been more popular, arguably thanks to the rise of data science and AI projects in the enterprise, officially turned 30 years old.

There are inherent challenges of enabling a language to grow and evolve without sacrificing backward compatibility.

Python is a very mature language, and it has evolved. It also has a bunch of things that it carries over. Python has some baggage that nowadays feels a bit old, but the community and the ecosystem has to be preserved. It’s similar to how C and C++ are evolving right now. When you make changes to the language, it’s quite dangerous [because you can] break things. That’s what people are scared of the most.

The Python 3.10 release for this October will include pattern matching, which is one of the biggest syntax changes that Python has seen in a long time.


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