Polymer ribbons for chip to chip communications

Copper interconnections are easy but have speed limits and traditional fiber-optic cables don’t work well directly with the silicon chips. New hair-thin polymer ribbon was able to transmit data on three channels at a speed of 105 gigabit per second over polymer ribbon 30 centimeters long and 0.4 millimeter wide, with far greater energy-efficiency than is possible with copper, and with a clean connection to the silicon chips.

Polymer ribbons have been used as waveguides to propagate electromagnetic signals before, but the direct compatibility with silicon chips, without any special manufacturing, is a big plus.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Their conduit is made of plastic polymer, so it’s lighter and potentially cheaper to manufacture than traditional copper cables. But when the polymer link is operated with sub-terahertz electromagnetic signals, it’s far more energy-efficient than copper in transmitting a high data load.


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