The Art of Code

WOW, this one is amazing! Rockstar developer presentation!!

Join Dylan Beattie – programmer, musician, and creator of the Rockstar programming language – for an entertaining look at the art of code. We’ll look at the origins of programming as an art form, from Conway’s Game of Life to the 1970s demoscene and the earliest Obfuscated C competitions. We’ll learn about esoteric languages and quines – how DO you create a program that prints its own source code?

Awesome presentation, inspiring in many ways. Edutainment at it’s very best. A brilliant speech about programming. As entertaining as teaching!

The Art of Code – Dylan Beattie

Other links to the presentation: The Art of Code and GOTO 2020 • The Art of Code • Dylan Beattie

Mind blowing… Never seen such an infotainment coding video. We’ll discover quine relays, code golf and generative art, and we’ll explore the phenomenon of live coding as performance – from the pioneers of electronic music to modern algoraves and live coding platforms like Sonic Pi.

Sonic Pi is a code-based music creation and performance tool.
Simple enough for computing and music lessons.
Powerful enough for professional musicians.
Free to download with a friendly tutorial.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Demoscene accepted as national intangible cultural heritage in Germany:

    It is nice to see recognition for the culture I have enjoyed for many years.

  2. Privacy Guides says:

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