Shot in the ARM

Now that’s two shots on the ARM processors.

NVIDIA and SoftBank Group Announce Termination of NVIDIA’s Acquisition of Arm Limited. NVIDIA has announced it is dropping its plan to acquire Arm, walking away from a deal originally valued at $40 billion in stocks and shares — with the Cambridge-based company set to go public under new leadership as a result. The cancellation costs NVIDIA $1.25bn in prepaid funds.


At the same time Intel starts to make RISC-V chips for real like SiFive P650. Intel joins RISC-V governing body, pledges $1bn fund for chip designers.


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Nvidia Says It Is Still Developing a Full Spectrum of Arm CPUs
    By Anton Shilov published 2 days ago
    No Arm acquisition? No worries.


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