Friday Fun: Mixer abuse

Behringer X32 mixer abuse video

X32 Fader Abuse (#1 @ Assembly 2017 wild demo compo)
“Real wild” is a category of realtime demos for strange platforms and hardware that don’t fit any of the standard categories (like PC, 4k, oldschool etc). Basically a fun “everything else” category.
Here’s a bit of explanation about the demo:

This demo is made with the Behringer X32 Compact audio mixing console.

The right side of the mixer (demo faders) runs in “DAW remote” mode, which means it reads things automatically from the audio software (in this case FL Studio). The left side (demo text and lights) can be operated by sending commands to the mixer via TCP/IP (USB).
The commands are sent using a command line program called X32_Command , along with a bunch of other tools, and the unofficial X32 OSC Remote Protocol.

The motorized faders should last for about 300 000 operations, according to specifications. I have no idea how many operations is one demo.


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