France Set To Install 1000 Kilometers Of Solar-Paneled Roads By 2020 | IFLScience

Following on from last year’s historic climate change deal, in which 195 nations promised to mitigate man-made greenhouse gas emissions, France has demonstrated that it is beginning to pull its weight. The French government has just announced that it will pave 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of road with durable, photovoltaic panels, which will provide solar energy

Finland ranked the greenest country in the world – News Display Page – Cleantech Finland

Finland tops the Environmental Performance Index 2016 (EPI) that ranks the greenest countries in the world. Finland is followed by Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Slovenia. Posted from WordPress for Android

Scientists find a way to convert Carbon Dioxide from air into fuel – Interesting Engineering

Researchers have discovered a process that takes Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air and converts it into methanol (CH3OH) with the help of a homogeneous catalyst. By the way, the idea of converting CO2 into methane is not particularly new. methanol can be used as a replacement for gasoline, a source of energy. Posted from WordPress for

Evaporation-Powered Motor

Could water evaporating provide power? Yes. Biological systems are known to convert energy generated from the evaporation of water confined within nanoscale compartments into muscle-like mechanical work. Researchers Create Evaporation-Powered Motor article tells that scientists designed shape-changing engineered composites of bacterial spores and a polymer that used an evaporation-driven process to power locomotion and generate electricity.