Hello World Open 2014 coding competition

I read from Tietoviikko and Facebook today that the first computer programming championships is going to be held in Finland this spring. Hello World Open 2014 competition will be held this spring in Helsinki. The competition is hosted by two Finnish IT companies: technology company Reaktor and very successful mobile gaming company Supercell.

The organizers want to take the computer coding to a level that anyone can follow it and “make it sexy“. The task on Hello World Open 2014 competition is to create an artificial intelligence for a racecar. The competitors can be individual coders or teams up to three persons in size. The competition starts at March 31st. Six of the worlds toughest teams meet in Helsinki, Finland in June. Let’s see what comes out from this competition. Reaktor was behind the original Hello World Open, the first ever Coding Finnish Championships in 2012.


  1. Chris says:

    Wow this competition sounds something exciting!

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Follow live the 4000 coders to compete against each other in Hello World Open 2014

    Race hosted by the game company Supercell and Reaktor software.

    The race broadcast times (Finnish time) are as follows:

    Zone 1 (America): 07.05 on Wednesday at 04.00
    Region 2 (Europe and Africa): 7.5 at 20:00
    Region 3 (Asia and Oceania): Thursday 05.08 at 16:00

    Winner teams face the Cable Factory in Helsinki on June 10 at the finals.

    Source: http://www.tietoviikko.fi/kaikki_uutiset/seuraa+suorana+kun+4000+koodaajaa+ottaa+toisistaan+mittaa/a985802

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Hello world open finals were yesterday.
    I looked some part of the event live from YLE Areena in my web browser.

    The winners were according to http://blog.helloworldopen.com/post/88399467594/congratulations-need-for-c-winners-of-the-hello-world
    “Tomasz Zurkowski, Piotr Zurkowski and Wojciech Jaskowski of team Need for C from Poland as the winners of the first ever coding world championship!”


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