Assembly summer 2017 wild demos

This YouTube playlist shows videos of interesting hardware plus software hacks. They can play computer demo multimedia with old game consoles, Arduino+LED sign, LEGOs and audio mixer…

Many cool hacks I would say! 

Assembly Summer 2017 event is still going on, more videos at AssemblyTV at YouTube and Assembly Summer 2017 pages.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Assembly summer 2017 facts from their web Facebook:

    - Total of 83 people involved in A/V production
    - 1116 fixtures
    - Consumes 61 178 watts
    - 4907 control channels
    - 1,3km of DMX cable (836m for main stage)
    - Five lighting desks
    - Two haze generators
    - 6 people involved operating lighting
    - 8 projectors
    - Total light output of 158 000 lumens
    - 7 video desks
    - 232,5 square meters of projector screen
    - 2,5km of video cable
    - 25 cameras
    - 35 people involved operating video screens, streams and their content
    - 80 speakers
    - 13 sound desks
    - 46 000 watt output for main stage
    - 1km of audio cable
    - 16 people involved to run sound during the event
    - 301m of truss
    - 58 rigging points
    - 7,5 tons of rigged gear

    - 2x 10Gbit/s internet connections
    - 9798 ethernet ports
    - 209 switches
    - 98 WiFi base stations
    - 32 VOIP phones
    - 20km of ethernet cable
    - 27 people involved building and operating the network

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Fader Abuse
    Wild demo for Assembly 2017

    This demo is made with the Behringer X32 Compact audio mixing console. Not tested, but will probably work with any X32 series mixer.

    The demo runs all in one take; video cuts are there because you couldn’t read the small screens from a zoomed-out view. And for entertainment purposes.

    The right side of the mixer (demo faders) runs in “DAW remote” mode, which means it reads things automatically from the audio software (in this case FL Studio). The left side (demo text and lights) can be operated by sending commands to the mixer via TCP/IP (USB).

    In this case, the commands are sent using a command line program called X32_Command.

    I used python to generate the batch files (long lists of commands), and a program called Bome Midi Translator

    The mixer itself can execute commands surprisingly fast

    Some more trivia:
    The motorized faders should last for about 300 000 operations, according to specifications. I have no idea how many operations is one demo. Ours have survived so far.

    Last bit of trivia:
    The X32 is a professional and somewhat expensive mixing desk, and when my studio roommate bought it, he probably probably had something else in mind than me wearing it down with a wild demo. We’re still on speaking terms. I think.


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