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Weather issues

Finnish Meteorological Institute Tesbed is an interesting project that shows weather in Helsinki area in great details. Helsinki Testbed project goals broadly consist of mesoscale weather research, forecast and dispersion models development and verification, demonstration of integration of modern technologies with complete weather observation systems, end-user product development and demonstration and data distribution for public

New blog system in use is now using a brand new blog systems. Here is new WordPress software with new theme. This project has been some time on the task list, and now it is in use. This new blog system should work better and be more mobile user friendly, while still nice for all desktop users.  

Friday Fun: Source Code in TV and Films

Source Code in TV and Films page shows images of the computer code appearing in TV and films and tells what they really are. British programmer and writer John Graham-Cumming started a blog called Source Code in TV and Films on Jan. 3 after noticing that code used to reboot the futuristic space station in

Friday Art: Star Wars toys photos

Star Wars toys photos look more realistic than the real Star Wars shows amazing work of Finnish artist Vesa Lehtimäki aka Avanaut, a brilliant illustrator and photographer who likes to take pictures of his kids’ toys in his spare time. Check out these series of Star Warstoys set in the real world. Check also Beautiful

Your Mouse Is A Terrible Webcam

Did you know that your optical mouse contains a very tiny, very low resolution camera? Your Mouse Is A Terrible Webcam article tells how to turn that tiny optical sensor into a webcam. Logitech RX 250 has an ADNS-5020 optical sensor (15×15 pixel grayscale image sensor) with SPI interface. The project uses Arduino, Ethernet shield,

Computer control of Automated Mains Sockets

Safe Automated Mains Sockets page describes how to turn mains powered appliances on and off under computer control without risking killing yourself. It describes how to use a Raspberry PI computer to control three mains sockets. Audacity was used to capture the codes from the original RF remote, and the captured codes were sent to