Firiday Fun: Play with your browser

Ready for the coolest thing you’ll do in your web browser this Friday?  This Amazing Interactive Site Lets You Create Symphonies With Your Keyboard. Click the box down there, turn your audio up, and mash on your keyboard. You’re now enjoying the multisensory magic of Patatap “portable animation and sound kit”.

Tap and swipe the screen to create beats, melodies, and wall-size projected animations that suit even to art exhibitions. Press any key from A to Z to produce different sounds with accompanying motion graphics: Become an electronica DJ just by tapping on your computer keyboard. Patatap is a fun browser toy, for sure. By using HTML5 this app works not only on desktop, but on tablets and smartphones too.

Check also example videos what can be done with it. The project is a collaboration between Jono Brandel, who has a knack for combining design with computer wizardry, and Lullatone, a musical duo based out of Nagoya, Japan.

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