Distance measurement techniques

So, you want to measure the shape of an object, perform a 3D surface scan or conduct surface metrology tests. Google tells us there are many measurement methods to achieve these goals. Problem is, which one’s best for you?

Non-Contact Distance Measurement Technologies article is a god overview to the non-contact measurement sensor technologies – in which the sensor and the object to be measured are separated from each other. There are various optical techniques, each best suited for a different type of application.


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The technology behind measuring distance and speed

    Many measurements start with sensors, be they temperature, strain, light, position, or other physical properties. Accurately measuring the distance to and speed of an object has challenges relating to ambient light, color, surface properties, and other nearby objects.

    Poulin identified some applications for the processor:

    Automotive: Parking assistance, collision avoidance, detecting objects or people in the driver’s blind spot.
    Navigation: Autonomous vehicles, mining, construction, cranes.
    Home: Appliances, faucets, toilets, towel dispensers.
    Security: Occupancy and detection of intruders.
    Vehicle traffic: Counting number of vehicles and speed.
    Smart lighting: Adjust lighting based on activity. For example, turning down lights in an empty parking lot.
    Drones: Detect altitude and speed.


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