Grounding Tube Circuits

The Valve Wizard web page is about tube amplifiers. They have a very good document on grounding issues in tube circuits. So read their 16 page Grounding document to learn about grounding (both general information and tube amplifier specific information).


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Two Types of Tube Amplifier Hum and How to Determine the Source

    In this video, I discuss two types of hum found in tube amplifiers, how to easily differentiate between the causes, and how to effectively remedy the situation. The technical aspects of this discussion are explained in basic, comprehensible language. I hope you find it to be both interesting and informative. NOTE: The frequencies stated in the video (60Hz and 120Hz) refer to 60Hz primary AC. If your AC source is 50Hz, then the frequencies would be 50Hz and 100Hz.


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