LoRaWAN Cellular NB-IoT Power Consumption Comparison


The intent of this post is not to say which technology is better or worse. But, rather to show how Cellular IoT and LoRaWAN complement each other.

Battery lifetime is by far one of the most important considerations for LPWAN applications because often it is very expensive to replace batteries physically. It will ruin the ROI if the end-devices last only few years. There are many applications in which device is deployed in hard to reach areas and need battery lifetime of 10+ years.
Every modem whether LoRAWAN or Cellular IoT has to go different states (transmit, receive, Idle and Sleep). It is the current consumption of these states that defines the power consumption calculation.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    LoRa Module VS nRF24 VS Generic RF Module || Range & Power Test

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  3. Tomi Engdahl says:


    It covers a wide area even in difficult conditions where ordinary cellular networks do not work
    Low equipment costs
    Low power consumption (battery life of 10+ years)
    Easy scalable technology that enables multiple IoT devices to be connected to ordinary cellular networks
    Does not support Voice over LTE technology or full mobility
    Suitable for stationary sensors with a battery life of several years

    LTE M

    Cover the wider area of ​​traditional cellular networks
    Low equipment costs
    Lower power consumption than conventional mobile networks (battery life 5-10 years)
    Supports Voice over LTE technology and full mobility
    Ideal for applications that require mobility and lower power consumption than traditional cellular networks

    Source: https://www.uusiteknologia.fi/2018/04/13/suomalainen-nb-iot-ja-lte-m-alusta/

  4. Jon says:

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  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    11 Myths About Cellular IoT Design

    Laird Connectivity’s Jonathan Kaye discusses the most common misconceptions about cellular IoT design—a growing area of IoT thanks to two new versions of the cellular standard that enable battery life of up to 10 years for wireless devices.


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