Community Q&A with Arduino CEO Fabio Violante

Fabio has been leading Open Source Hardware and Software platform Arduino since 2017. The Wevolver community asked him their most burning questions.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    It takes a lot of work, having a certain attitude, and keeping the conversation going…”

    EU-Startups recently caught up with David Cuartielles to chat about Arduino, creating an open source movement, and his role in the CoronavirusMakers initiative.

    This time I had the opportunity to speak with David Cuartielles, co-founder of Arduino, an open-source electronics platform, which enables users to create interactive electronic objects. Arduino has grown into a company with over 200+ employees and has bases in Malmo, Budapest and Italy. On top of that, David is also a professor at the Malmo University, teaching interactive technologies at bachelor, master, and PhD levels.

    A man of many hats, David has somehow managed to find time to be one of the minds behind Coronavirus Makers, a citizen-driven initiative, where people collaborate on a voluntary basis to solve the protective equipment shortage using 3D printing.


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