Friday Fun: An Electric Capacitor Revolver

Electrolytic capacitors blow up when they are pushed too hard. That’s normally a very bad thing.

This hardware hack uses exploding capacitors as a propellant. For purely for innovation and engineering, this YouTube experimenter built a working capacitor revolver and tested its capabilities.

I Built An Electric Capacitor Revolver!

Funny idea, but not the best execution technically. For example the microswitch you used as a trigger does not look like it would be suitable for the high current that flows. If that is the case, eventually the contacts will weld together and cause an unexpected firing when turning the barrel to the next shot.

Having accidentally exploded many caps, I can only imagine the smell this creates! I’d also be a bit worried about capacitor dielectric being atomized and inhaled, but the end result is pretty fun! I am also a bit worried what if some capacitor explodes more violently than those plastic tubes can take.

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