Micro:Bit simulation with Tinkercad

The micro:bit is a small, pocket-sized computer board that can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks, from displaying messages and images to interacting with sensors and creating simple games. Micro:bit programming is designed as an exciting and accessible way to introduce coding and electronics to beginners of all ages. The available languages are JavaScript, Python (MicroPython), C++, Blocks (a visual programming language) and Microsoft’s Touch Develop language (visual + code).

Tinkercad has a electronics circuits design section that has a browser-based electronic circuit simulator. Tinkercad environment supports simulating electronics circuits and micro:bit embedded board. Tinkercad support programming micro:bit wired to an electronics circuit.

I played a bit with example circuit from https://www.tinkercad.com/things/6Agy2ibne4a-smashing-habbi/editel?tenant=circuits

I first wrote some code with Blocks:


In addition to supporting blocks-style programming (via Tinkercad or Microsoft MakeCode), the micro:bit can also be programmed using the popular scripting language of Python. Tinkercad can also run Python and convert your Blocks code to Python code.



Python Coding with micro:bit in Tinkercad Circuits


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