Distribution board

This is main electrical distribution panel in modern house in Finland.

Notice the networking patch panel and cable TV signal distribution taking the bottom half of panel. Here is closer look to part where cable TV,  Internet (cat6 copper) and untermimated fiber optic cable comes into house.


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    For comparison information on home distribution board used in USA

    120V 240V Electricity explained – Split phase 3 wire electrician

    How 120V / 240V electricity is distributed from the power station and to your property. We look at how it is connected to power domestic appliances as well as the main components such as the electricity meter, main service panel, main breaker, circuit breaker, bus bars, neutral ground bar, light switches and lighting circuits, transformers, GFCI circuit breakers, AFCI circuit breakers. The purpose of the hot wire, neutral wire and ground wire as well as the ground rod and the water pipe bonding.

    How to Upgrade an Electric Meter to 200-Amp Service (Part 1) | This Old House

    How to Upgrade an Electrical Panel to 200-Amp Service (Part 2) | This Old House

    How To Wire A Residential 200 Amp Main Panel

    In today’s how-to, we will be making up a residential 200 amp main electric panel.

    Ground Neutral and Hot wires explained – electrical engineering grounding ground fault

    Ground neutral and hot wires explained. In this video we look at the difference and purpose of the ground wire, the hot wire and the neutral wire in a north american residential electrical system. We look at ground faults, GFCI, current, voltage and simple examples for each.

    Ground, Neutral and Hot wires (US/Can)

    Shall I Use a 15A or a 20A Receptacle on a 20A Circuit? + 2020 NEC 210.21(B)(1) and 210.21(B)(3)

    Incorrectly Wired Outlet Found In Newly Built Home

    My house dam near burned down. Let’s find out why

    Check your electrical outlets used by major appliances. Over time the screwe connection can fail and lead to overheating.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    UK example:

    Consumer Unit Fire

    emergency job to investigate following a fire caused by a loose electrical connection. In this video we show you what happened.

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