Flip-flop qubits: Radical new quantum computing design invented


Engineers at Australia’s University of New South Wales have invented a radical new architecture for quantum computing, based on novel ‘flip-flop qubits’, that promises to make the large-scale manufacture of quantum chips dramatically cheaper – and easier – than thought possible.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    New Type of Quantum Computing Has Been Invented
    “It’s amazing no one had thought of it before.”

    Australian researchers have designed a new type of qubit – the building block of quantum computers – that they say will finally make it possible to manufacture a true, large-scale quantum computer.

    Broadly speaking, there are currently a number of ways to make a quantum computer. Some take up less space, but tend to be incredibly complex. Others are simpler, but if you want it to scale up you’re going to need to knock down a few walls.

    Thanks to coding information in both the nucleus and electron of an atom, the new silicon qubit, which is being called a ‘flip-flop qubit’, can be controlled by electric signals, instead of magnetic ones. That means it can maintain quantum entanglement across a larger distance than ever before, making it cheaper and easier to build into a scalable computer.


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