Bye bye wired phone lines

Bye bye to traditional wired telephone lines in Finland. Telephone companies are increasingly removing wired phone lines, so phones are thrown out and phone connectors stay lonely unused on the wall.

Wired phones are replaced with desk-phone looking cell phone. 4G data is sold as replacement for ADSL (some lucky ones can get fiber).

In this way we can keep the number one place for mobile data

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Converting a Military TA-1024A/U Field Telephone for Regular Phone Use

    How to convert the very cool TA-1024A/U digital military field phone for regular civilian use.

    Warning for sensitive souls: beautiful digital military electronics that can’t be used get replaced with cheap analog consumer innards. I make no effort to reverse engineer the classified digital military transmission protocol either. This is just a quick conversion how-to for civilian use.


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