Telephone cables start to dissappear

Old telephone cables are being pulled from the ground to make room for new fiber optic cables in Helsinki Finland. Bye bye PSTN. According to plans they will be gone in few years.

Here they are pulling out the old telephone cable.




Freshly pulled out “filled liquorice”.
Old telephone wires to carry PSTN, ADSL and audio become outdated and are replaced with fiber. I walked past the site and decided to take a closer look at the underground infrastructure.



Some information on plan to get rid of copper lines in Finland from few years back and updates in comments

Those old copper phone lines will be replaced with fiber optic cable and 4G/5G mobile communications.

Huge telephone cable replaced with fiber earlier posting from same location

Now they seem to be putting in this type of fiber optic cable


This is the device used to pull the fiber cable to the underground tubes


The advantage of fiber is much faster data rate and hopefully system that is not damaged easily by lightning. The cost of the network maintenance is said to be cheaper with fiber and 4G connections (maintaining copper is expensive).

Disadvantage is that so much for phone system that would work on power blackout. Usually cellular networks and fiber do not have so extensive battery backup arrangements as old telephone network used to have.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    1982 “Telephone Exchange” Origins of Electronic Switching Technology (telecom; central office)

    Vintage 1982: This Excellent Telephone History documentary describes the development of telephone switching technology and the evolution of the “Telephone Exchange.” A British Telecom educational film. (Slightly edited from the original, run time 17 mins.)

    A “TELEPHONE EXCHANGE” is a telecommunications system used to interconnect telephone subscriber lines (customers) to establish telephone calls between subscribers. An “exchange” is sometimes referred to as a “central office” or a “telephone switch.” Terminology may differ depending on where the term is used.

    See British Telecom’s Telecommunications History:

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Investigation underway in Warren County after copper thieves leave residents without internet

    Residents are without phone or internet services for weeks

    VICKSBURG, Miss. — An investigation is underway in Warren County as copper thieves left residents without AT&T internet and phone service for weeks.

    “What is happening is they are cutting cable, melting it off, and selling the copper. So, it’s the copper content that’s bad,” said Sheriff Martin Pace.

    “Unfortunately, this is something that has become fairly common, especially in rural areas, where the cable is running through wooded areas or desolate roads,” said Pace.

    AT&T issued a press release that stated that they are well aware of the issue and are working with law enforcement diligently, along with restoring internet to residents.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Telia poisti Suomesta 1 700 000 puhelin­pylvästä – tämän vuoksi et saa niitä mökkisi laituriin

  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    DNA aloittaa vanhan lankaverkon purkamisen

    DNA kertoo korvaavansa vanhan kuparikaapeliin perustuvan lankaverkkonsa nykyaikaisilla verkkoratkaisuilla vuoteen 2025 mennessä. Nyt kupariverkon purkaminen on aloitettu Varsinais-Suomessa ja Satakunnassa Rauman, Euran ja Säkylän alueilla jo kuluvan vuoden aikana.

    DNA:n liityntäverkoista ja laitetiloista vastaava johtaja Mikko Kannisto muistuttaa, että kupariverkko on palvellut televiestintää yli 160 vuotta, aina lennättimen käyttöönotosta lähtien. – Nykyteknologia mahdollistaa merkittävästi parempia tiedonsiirron väyliä radio-, kaapeli- tai kuituverkoissa, Kannisto jatkaa.

    Kupariverkkoa käytetään pääasiassa lankapuhelinyhteyksien ja vanhan laajakaistatekniikan (xDSL), eli korkeintaan muutaman kymmenen megan yhteysnopeuksien ylläpitämiseen. Sitä ei tule siis sekoittaa nykyaikaisiin kaapeli- tai kuituratkaisuihin. Muutosprojektin aikana DNA:n kupariverkon asiakkaat ohjataan korvaavien palveluiden piiriin ja lopulta varsinaisesta kupariverkosta luovutaan.


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