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The Pinouts Book Is Here, And It’s Just What You Need. The Pinouts Book project has published the free PDF download “book” that contains over 300 pages of hardware diagrams and their respective pinouts. This is a work of hacker minimalism at its best.


The Pinouts Book is a free digital book created for designers and engineers as a quick reference for remembering the different pinout functions in your electronics projects. As the name suggests, it’s a pinout reference book that you can download for free. It’s aimed at designers, engineers and tinkerers. The book covers a good chunk of the regular components and boards hardware hackers will come across while they are working on electronics projects. Two hackers (NODE & Baptiste) wanted to create a simple resource with custom, easy to identify illustrations.

It started off being a lot smaller in scope, and ballooned into over 300 pages. It was originally designed to be a physical book, but the book makers realized it made more sense to be downloadable. The idea of this being a quick reference where information intentionally kept uncomplicated. There are links to more information for those who need it.

The book page layout design is split into 2 main parts. On the left page there is a simple illustration of each component and on the right there is the corresponding table containing information on the pins and other information. If you need more technical information, each page has a link at the top (e.g., and these redirect to official datasheets / specifications.

So what’s included? The book covers 130 commonly used components, such as connectors, single board computers, dev boards, memory cards, microcontroller chips, and more. The book has a selection of connectors, including audio/video, all the USB types and some miscellaneous ones too. There’s also a section on memory cards.

The book also has a range of commonly used microcontroller chips, different single board computers and dev boards out there. This includes separate sections for Adafruit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi, and then a large range of other random SBCs, like Tinker Boards, Beaglebones, Banana Pi, Odroid and other (Sparkfun, Particle boards, Espruino etc.).

The Pinouts Book can be found at



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