How to Buy a Multimeter

Are you planning to buy a multimeter and need help? Here are some timps How to Buy a Multimeter covers what you need to know to select a meter for DIY electronics. It focuses on the needs for audio electronics, but it’s purposely kept general in nature. Handheld Digital Multimeters are mainly used to measure

Car USB charger teardown

Here is a teardown of a cheap car USB charger (few us dollars). It worked well for years, but started to be unreliable one day. So I had to take a look what is inside: The issue seemed to be bad ground/- connection. A little bit of soldering could fix this.. Posted from WordPress for

Biltema grounded universal travel adapter

I bought this is universal travel adapter from Biltema to be able to connect my laptop power supply with grounded schuko plug hopefully safely to UK power outlets. Many other travel adapters only work well with ungrounded loads (typically either accept only ungrounded plug or leave ground not connected). This is one rare product that

UK power outlet adapters part 2

I wrote earlier about bad UK power socket adapter. Here is another one – better but not ideal. I used this to connect smart phone charger. The basic construction looks good. You can’t touch the live parts with finger. The UK pins are all metal and not insulated on the upper side like in newer

Impractical energy products flood

Crowdfunding campaigns or wide product announcements that do not make sense pops up every now and then. It seems that energy related “inventions” seems to be getting easily into the spotlight without proven merits: Hackaday article Crowdfunding Follies: Proof That Ohm’s Law Is Arcane Knowledge tells about a special cell phone case Kickstarter (Nikola Phone

Extending Alkaline Battery Life

News beat is drumming heavily on claim that Company Extends Alkaline Battery Life With Voltage Booster. Batteriser is making its media debut, with features in all the tech blogs, an astonishing amount of print outlets, and spouted from the gaping maws of easily impressed rubes the world over: Batteriser is a $2.50 gadget that promises

Nodemcu dev kit

I thouhgt I wanted to try IoT with ESP8266 easily, so I got Nodemcu dev kit to the test lua on ESP8266. The kit I got was NodeMcu Lua WIFI Development Board For ESP8266 Module from Banggood. The kit contains somewhat more (around 8 Euros) than bare ESP8266 module (around $3), but promises to provide

OBD2 Bluetooth adapter

Modern car has network of distributed sensors and controllers. If you know how to connect to this network, you can get lots of information how the car works. On-board diagnostics (OBD) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the