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WANem network emulator

There are many cases when need to emulate various networking conditions and scenarios. Usually the most practical way to test the application on different networking conditions is to use some kind of WAN emulator that lets you control the various networking characteristics. WANem is a free WAN emulator suitable for this task. WANem allows the

Scheme-it on-line schematic tool

Digi-Key Corporation and Aspen Labs launched around one month ago one-of-a-kind online ‘Scheme-it’ tool for drawing schematics. Scheme-it is a new on-line design tool that allows engineers, students, and enthusiasts to quickly create and share electronic schematics from directly within their web browser. “Digi-Key is excited to launch Scheme-it, the industry’s only fully-online schematic tool,”

Haitz's Law

As manufacturers strive for market share in the burgeoning LED lighting market each tries to outdo the other with ever-improving efficacy claims. But just how far can the LED chip makers go and how soon will they get there? Equally important: LED cost is plummeting. Thanks to a phenomenon known as Haitz’s Law, LED cost

Video and movie shooting with a smartphone

As the technology that powers smartphone cameras has steadily improved, the point-and-shoot has become an endangered species. The video capabilities of smartphones have greatly improved, and nowadays the best phones can shoot good quality high-definition video at good lighting conditions. Still, smartphone cameras have some limitations. For example, because of the constraints of the lens,

Self-healing electronics

One tiny fault inside battery or IC usually makes an entire electronics device is unusable. Scientists from University of Illinois have come up with an interesting solution to this. They have developed a technology to repair broken conductors instantly and automatically, without the people even notice the problem. Self-healing electronics could work longer and reduce

London 2012 Fireworks–Amazing Sync!

London 2012 Fireworks–Amazing Sync! London’s spectacular midnight fireworks display, welcoming in 2012. Happy New Year! This is really BRILLIANT. Best camera settings and really cool firework. This makes other large fireworks look mediocre! Thank you Control Geek blog for telling about this.