Protracker module player for Web Audio and other music in browser

ProTracker was a very a popular freeware tracker for the Amiga platform. ProTracker allows the user to create sequences of notes called “patterns”, which are chained together to form a complete song. It is amongst the programs that first allowed for widespread creation of music without studio equipment (very popular in 1990′s). Music created in ProTrackeruses the MOD file format. The use of original MOD format is somewhat faded over the years, but there are newer software that continue the same idea (for example Jeskola Buzz or SoundBox).

Protracker module player for Web Audio is web browser based player for those MOD file format music files. It allows playing back those old classic MOD files (for example beyond_music by captain) in your web browser. It is built using modern web technologies: This is a Protracker module player implemented in JavaScript using the Web Audio API. Protracker module player for Web Audio is somewhat experimental, but works already on many browsers (tested on Chrome 14+, Firefox 24+ and Safari 6+ ). The Protracker module player for Web Audio page has many MOD files you can load in and play. Source code available in GitHub. Enjoy the old Amiga music on your modern computer web browser!

If you want to check other similar software, take a look ar ModplayerJS.

Are you interested in making music on your web browser? If this is the case, check SoundBox, Online Sequencer, Virtual Keyboard, Virtual Piano, Raindrop Symphony, Patap,  AudioSauna, and many other


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