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Entertainment Technology Blog

John Huntington, the author of Control Systems for Live Entertainment book, is keeping an interesting John’s Entertainment Technology Blog at http://www.controlgeek.net/. It is worth to read. There are lots of material on different shows going on, including nice backstage technology tours on some shows.

Ban on incandescent lamps

Ban on incandescent lamps is coming to Finland and other EU countries. Decision makers think that consumers and the environment alike would benefit from replacing the familiar incandescent lamps with energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs. At present, some 80% of the electricity used for lighting by Finnish households is consumed by incandescent bulbs,

USB3 and Linux

Combining 5 Gbps with the convenience of USB sounds like a sure win. The idea is is simple. Just start with widely used, fast, and bulletproof USB 2.0 and put in the PHY (physical-layer) interface from another common and reliable standard, PCIe (peripheral-component-interconnect express) Generation 2. Put two extra differential pairs into the USB connector

PacMan In Real Life

Pac-Man is universally considered as one of the biggest classics of video game industry. Pac-Man is an icon of 1980s popular culture. Pac-Man is often credited with being a landmark in video game history, and is among the most famous arcade games of all time. PacMan In Real Life is a funny video of Pac-Man

USB powered microwave oven

I have seen all kinds of strange USB gadgets, but this might even be more useless than USB coffee cup warmer. World’s Smallest Microwave Is USB Powered article tells that there is now an USB powered microwave oven. Beanzawave is said to be the world’s smallest microwave. Because of the limitations of the power available

Parallel programming challenges

Multicore CPUs are mainstream nowadays. The number of CPU cores is quickly increasing. Getting the most from multicore processors is becoming an increasingly difficult task for programmers. Just adding more CPU cores will not make existing software to run faster. To get most out of the multicore CPUs you need to write your software in

HDMI 1.4

Today, HDMI is a home theater mainstay. Practically any piece of new HD capable A/V equipment has HDMI connector in it. HDMI Licensing group announced that a new HDMI 1.4 is being revealed. Hothardware.com has a short news that tells the main features of the new coming HDMI 1.4 version. The new version will support


The new HTML 5 standard is gaining significant traction even though HTML 5 is still in the draft process and has not yet been ratified by W3C. Browser makers are already implementing key features of HTML 5 and bringing robust support for some of its most advanced capabilities to end users. HTML 5 has many