Google’s Song Maker

Google has added a new instrument to its Chrome Music Lab: Song Maker. Song Maker allows you to make songs. Everything happens in the browser.

Song Maker is essentially an easy to use sequencer that lets you draw melodies in the browser. You are able to define a sequence of notes using a chessboard of sounds, and Song Maker loops over them repeatedly. You get to choose between a few instruments like a piano, strings, woodwinds, a synth and a marimba. There’s also a small rhythm section with drums. You can customize things like the tempo, as well as the scale, active range, and beats per bar.


You don’t necessarily need to know anything about music to write a song. You can experiment by throwing notes together. And it can be entertaining. Create your own simple jams using Chrome – and works also with Firefox.  It’s easy enough to use a child could enjoy it. And also adults can enjoy it as well. The finished product can be saved for your own personal enjoyment or sent to a friend by sending URL to song.

So now just start playing with Song Maker.  Here are some simple few minute tests with it: and and

And once you have graduated from Sound Maker, there’s all kinds of more complex browser-based sequencers that you can experiment with: including the likes of Sampulator, Acid Machine, Google Music Lab’s Melody Maker tool and Sonant Live.

Check also my earlier Make music in your browser posting from few years back for some more browser music tools.


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