AV disaster: PowerCON plugged

No audio signal.
Only humming.
This is how 6.3 mm plug and PowerCON meet.



There are XLR and Speakon combo connectors designed for things like this.
But this is PowerCON connector designed to carry mains power.
Read more on PowerCON at https://www.epanorama.net/newepa/2018/10/01/powercon-connector/

Fortunately the 6.3 mm plug here only connects to the center ground pin. In TS plugs the S connected to powercon ground contact. With TRS plug the R connected to powercon ground.


Another interesting thing is that you can plug in US mains plug to get connection to live and neutral pins on powercon jack. Not recommended to use for any real application. Blue PowerCon is defined to be for power input and gray is used for power-out.


You can push in also USB A connector (can bend slightly).



  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Center hole is PE terminal

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    In Europe PowerCON is used to carry normal 230V mains power. The PowerCON originates from Europe because Neutrik headquarters are in Liechtenstein (microstate located between Austria and Switzerland).

    In USA PowerCON is used often fot 120V power.


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