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Parallax Propeller 1 Goes Open Source

Parallax Propeller is multi-core microcontroller development platform. The Parallax P8X32A Propeller chip, introduced in 2006, is a multi-core architecture parallel microcontroller with eight 32-bit RISC CPU cores. It can be programmed for example with Propeller Assembly language, Spin interpreter and C programming languages. Interesting news on this platform is that Parallax Propeller 1 Goes Open

LEGO microscopes

Did you know that it’s possible to build a working compound microscope with nothing but LEGO elements? Collecting votes now on Lego Ideas is a fully functional microscope — constructed entirely out of Lego bricks. Artist Carl Merriam, who is known for his intricate Lego renderings of mythical creature Cthulhu and other custom creations, submitted the