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Advanced solar microinverters lay groundwork for smart grid – Electronic Products In the span of a few years, the photovoltaic (PV) microinverter has evolved from an intriguing and potentially disruptive technological advancement to a market-leading product category in the residential and commercial solar installation market. Millions of devices have been deployed and have already helped genrate terawatt-hours of electricity from hundreds of thousands of rooftop

LightBoost HOWTO | Blur Busters

LightBoost HOWTO | Blur Busters ( is an interesting article on technologies used to avoid motion blur on LCD monitors. LightBoost is a programmable strobe backlight. The backlight is turned off while waiting for LCD to finish pixel transitions (unseen by human eyes), and the backlight is strobed only on fully-refreshed LCD frames (seen by human

Views of Hot Chips 2014

Hot Chips: A Symposium on High Performance Chips has been known as one of the semiconductor industry’s leading conferences on high-performance microprocessors and related integrated circuits. It is concentrates on real products and realizable technology. The conference is held once a year in August in the center of the world’s capital of electronics activity, Silicon Valley.

DIY Electronics Tester Kit M168

I saw an interesting kit at and decided to try it: DIY Meter Tester Kit For Capacitance ESR Inductance Resistor NPN PNP Mosfet M168 . The reasons for interests are good specifications, based on open source hardware design and price is reasonable ($12.22 / 9.37 Euro). DIY Meter Tester Kit For Capacitance ESR Inductance

USB charger meter with protection

Have you ever wondered how stable voltage your USB power source gives and how much current does your device take (your mobile phone charging or own circuit? 0.28″ LED 3-Digit Red Display USB Power Charger Data Transmit Current Voltage Tester (3~10V/0~3A) is a product that can do that. It shows the charging voltage and current

New USB Type-C Connector

USB Type-C Connector is on the news today as they have introduced another new type of USB connector that is not directly compatible with any existing connectors. USB Type-C Connector Specifications Finalized article tells that today the USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) announced that the latest USB connector which we first caught a glimpse of in