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The Challenge of Cross-Language Interoperability

The Challenge of Cross-Language Interoperability article tells that interfacing between languages is increasingly important. You can no longer expect a nontrivial application to be written in a single language. The Challenge of Cross-language Interoperability has been a problem since the second programming language was invented. Solutions have ranged from language-independent object models such as COM

It’s Too Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

It is scary how many industries (e.g. autos, “smart” electronics, control systems) are decades behind state of the art security. It’s Easy To Hack Traffic Lights Slashdot posting tells about article where research from the University of Michigan are into the ease with which attackers can hack traffic lights. The network is IP-based, with all

Test: LED Replaces Halogen

I needed to replace few burned 50W GU10 halogen bulbs with LEDs. A standard 50W halogen lamp outputs 400 lumens so I needed to find a reasonably LED bulb that gives around the same light output. I could live with slightly less, but not too much less. I found suitable looking product AIRAM LED 4W

LED vs Halogen

I had to replace some 50W GU10 halogen bulbs. I though it could be time to check if it would be reasonable to go to use LED bulbs. I did a year or so similar checking, and at this time it did not feel reasonable because reasonably prices LED bulbs gave considerably less lights out

Open Source GPU Released

Open Source GPU Released. GPLGPU project has developed an open source GPU, written for an FPGA, despite that GPL-GPU Kickstarter was not funded. It’s not a powerhouse but it is full open source. A completely open GPU simply didn’t exist before (only very limited thesis projects earlier). Right now, the GPL-GPU has 3D graphics acceleration